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I've Started My IWantclips Account.

Hi My slaves.

I really hope every my slave is all right.

I guess a lot of people are staying home these days.

Your goddess won't make you bored, I've started selling my videos on IWantclips!

Visit the page and check my videos.

Also, you can buy my videos on my Japanese platform.

I'm still working on English, so having shoots in English were big challenges for me.

My English is not perfect yet but I'm sure that my insatiable desire to attract and dominate you will make my English improved.

I'm going to continue filming my videos in English and Japanese both and upload them.

Stay tuned!

I'm accepting custom clip order and request too.

If you are interested in it, contact me.

Let's stay healthy and kinky together.


Aug 28, 2022

I love youko


Thom Gee
Mar 26, 2020

Oh Mistress, Goddess. These videos - not all of them are showing my fetishes, are absolutely great and eciting. And YOU, in person, ... what a Mistress, what a WOMAN, what a dominant Goddess. Yours.

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