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I am the goddess you must worship

I am a professional Japanese Mistress with over a decade of experience.

I am based in Tokyo, Japan but I've traveled to many countries for sessions with local subs/fetishists. 
My insatiable desire to captivate little men and my deep curiosity for kink has kept me passionately driven in this world. 

Many subs often ask me the question “when do I feel the most powerful pleasure in a session?” 

The answer is:  When I dominate his mind as well as his body and completely enrapture a sub deep into my world, and my world only,  during a session. I feel the most addictive sensation of Femdom and cathartic joy.


I love to make subs feel my power and my sole existence. Therefore, I don't rely much on BDSM tools that anyone can buy. I love to make them worship my gaze, voice, skin, scent, taste, breath, my everything.  

I believe that my body and presence have more power than any tools. Everything I have will make you weak, more than BDSM toys ever could. 

I personally don't think it is necessary to have extreme pain or agony in every session. Instead, I want you to show me your weakness, your vulnerability, and who you really are.  

My strength is my wide range. I can be your bossy, strict dominant mistress or a sensual, naughty seductress. I enjoy many sessions, from sensual domination or sweet teasing to harsh corporal punishment and full toilet training.

The reason why I enjoy such wide-ranging sessions is that a session, to me, can encompass many possibilities.
I believe that the chemistry with a session partner is much more important than the extremity of the session.

Through a session, I just would like to mesmerize you, arouse you, captivate you, and engrave my absolute power into your mind, eternally. 

My name "Youko" means "mysterious lake." I will take you to this beautiful deep lake, and submerge you.  Let me enjoy seeing you helplessly sink. While I look down on you, I will push you down into the dark depths, deeper and deeper. 

When you realize how deep you are, it will be too late, you will not wish to return.
You will beg me to let you stay in my world forever, eternally submerged and enslaved in my lake's dark embrace.



Instagram : @japanese_goddessyouko

Twitter : @mistressyouko

Size : 159cm


Shoe size :  37 (japan size 23,5cm)

My Favorite Things

Fresh fruit, white wine, champagne,

French smelly cheese

( I love Époisses de Bourgogne the most )


Tom Ford, Valentino, Christian Louboutin


Honey Birdette

( My size :  Bra 10DD and XS )

Nice hot springs, Spa and beautiful beach resorts.


My Limits

Sexual intercourse, Blow job, Switching,

Heavy Medical Play

My Links

Only Fans



​My Japanese Clip Store "Mistress Youko Ism"

​My International Wish List

Smell fetish play

Body fluid (pee, spit, sweat) fetish play

Human toilet training

Body worship / Ass worship

Strap-on training

Fisting / Anal play 

Face sitting, Smothering 

Scat / Brown shower

Sensual domination

Tease and denial



Latex/Leather/Fur/Satin cape fetish play

Foot worship/ Foot massage slave

Face Slapping Discipline


Breath control


Whipping, Corporal punishment



Kick and punch

All fetish plays

Nipple play, Nipple torture

Femdom Dates, Shopping

Drinking and Relaxation Massage

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Mistress Youko 2021
Japanese mistress Youko
Prison Walk
Kinky Japanese dinner
Vacation with Mistress Youko
The Secret Panties


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