J a p a n e s e   M i s t r e s s   Y o u k o

I'm the goddess you must worship

I am Japanese professional Mistress Youko.

I have over 10 years experience, based in Tokyo and also internationally active in the BDSM/fetish scene.

Did you know that independent mistresses are rare in Japan? Generally, Mistresses belong to a club in this country but I am totally independent because I want to pursue and explore my own true kinky desires, as well deepest kinks of my slaves and fetishists.

My strength is my wide range of fetish interests and broad range of specialities. Whether you want me to become your bossy strict dominant mistress, or a sensual naughty seductress - I enjoy the full spectrum of BDSM. I enjoy taking things from sensual domination and sweet teasing up to harsh corporal punishment and full-on toilet training.

The reason why I enjoy such wide ranging sessions is that I want to fascinate you, arouse you, and draw you into my world. And then, I will push you down, deeper and deeper. Before you realise it,  you won't be able to escape. You'll beg me to allow you to stay in my world.


I care about how I can mesmerize you, intoxicate you through our session.  It isn't necessary to have extreme pain or agony in every session - Instead, I want you to show me your weaknesses, vulnerability and who you really are, free of any judgement.

I want you to feel and worship my gaze, voice, skin, scent, taste, breath, everything about me.  I believe that my body and my existence has more power than any tool. Everything I have will make you weaker than a BDSM toy can. My name "Youko" means " a mysterious lake." I will take you to the beautiful lake, and put you deep in this lake.  Let me enjoy seeing you drown in it, and you will be obsessed with being at the bottom of my lake.


Instagram : @dominatrixyouko

Twitter : @mistressyouko

Size : 159cm


Shoe size :  37 (japan size 23,5cm)

My Favorite Things

Fresh fruit, white wine, champagne, French smelly cheese ( I love Époisses de Bourgogne the most ) , Sushi

Tom Ford,Valentino,Christian Louboutin

Honey Birdette ( My size :  Bra 10DD and XS )

Nice hot springs, Spa and beautiful beach resorts.

My Favorite kinks

・Smell fetish play , Body fluid (pee, spit, sweat) fetish play

・Human toilet training

・Ass worship

・Face sitting, Smothering

・Scat / Blown shower

・Sensual domination

・Tease and denial

・Strap-on training

・Latex/leather fetish plays

・Feet worship/ Feet massage slave

・Face Slapping Discipline


・Breath control


・Whipping, Torture



・Kick and punch

・All fetish plays

・Nipple play, Nipple torture

・Anal examination, Anal play

・Dates,Shopping,Drinking and Relax massages

My limits
・Heavy medical play
・Switching or Subbing
・Blow job
・Sexual intercourse