J A P A N E S E  M I S T R E S S  Y O U K O

I'm Mistress Youko, based in Tokyo Japan.

I've been active in this world for 13 years.

I often appear in Japanese BDSM porn videos.


Although my English speaking skills are limited, 

I have experience with plenty of foreign clients who lack the ability to speak Japanese.

I also enjoy having sessions abroad.


What I love the most is to seduce, to arouse, to dominate and control you.

So I don't think it is necessary to have extreme pain or agony in every session.

As long as you become aroused and feel yourself powerless under my domination and show your slavery, pain is not necessary for me.

You just need to follow me and expose yourself to me.
I will take you to My amazing world and you will be addicted to It.