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In Person Session

When I'm in Japan, sessions are only conducted in Tokyo.   

No dungeon is used, as this is not approved in Japan.

Same-day appointments and last-minute appointments are not available.
Please book well in advance.

Sexual intercourse, blow job, switching/subbing are NOT allowed!

The minimum session length is 90 minutes,

the price could be different depending on the session content.

A non-refundable deposit is required. You will lose your deposit if you cancel your session in less than 24 hours.

Dinner and a session on the same day, accompanying to a bdsm bar or Femdom shopping/ dinner/ cafe is available, ask me. 


You can choose the place for our session

・A love hotel in Shinjuku area

・The hotel room you are staying in

When we have a session in a love hotel in Shinjuku, your coverage of the hotel room charge is expected and appreciated.

We will meet at a designated location in Shinjuku and then proceed together to a love hotel.  

We don't need to book a love hotel.


For a hotel where you are staying, there is a transportation surcharge unless you stay in the Shinjuku area.
The surcharge depends on distance. 


My schedule starts at 1:00 pm and the last play session starting time is 8:30 pm.
For play sessions outside of these hours,

and for sessions lasting past 11:00 pm

there is an additional charge.

Are you ready to serve Mistress Youko? 

Are you a tourist or a resident in Japn?
How long would you like your session to be?
How did you find me?

Thank you!

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