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A cuckold.

I restrain slave on the bed rails and lay on bed and gaze at my helpless slave.

Wondering how would you feel if I have sex with someone in front of you being crucified.

Jealous? devastated? or will it turn you on?

Mistress Youko moans like you've never seen before , being  turned on, being promiscuous, making love passionately with a hot guy.

You can't move, you can't run away but to watch us miserably.

If you can't bare that I can blindfold you. Just listen and feel us being dirty and don't move .

If you be a good boy and wait till we finish I can let you clean up Not just me but us both tho ,and you are falling down even lower and deeper. You will be humiliated like you never have before.

But I know you won't be able to forget this experience, and you will definitely want this again.

2 comentarios

20 ago 2019

Wow that's one of the hottest things I've read!

Me gusta

18 ago 2019

I doubt I could bare such humiliation and tempting! But I’m sure such feelings will be complicated and amazing!

Me gusta
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