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My Individual Videos are On Sale.

Hey guys!

I think you already know that I appear on Japanese bdsm porn videos.

I was asked so many times that where foreigners can buy them.

Unfortunately, most of them are only on sale in Japan and they don't have English subtitles.

I was frustrated when I had to tell that to my foreign fans because

I wanted you to enjoy my world for foreigners too.

Therefore, I have started selling my individual videos myself!

It was kind of hard to start because of Japanese law but I didn't want to give up.

Finally, the project has started!

Of Course English is available.

I already released 3 POV fetish videos, I spoke both English and Japanese in the videos.

I released a video of ass worship and scat, I spoke Japanese in the video but it has English subtitles.

All of my videos have sample videos.

I'm going to create variety of interesting videos to spread my kinky fantasy in Japanese and English both!

You can buy my video from this link.

I'm going to upload them on "IWantClips" too soon.

Also, I added a video list page on my website.

I'm sure you will be more attracted to Me by my videos!


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