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Amsterdam Travel Journal [ Part 2 ]

I enjoyed sessions with my European slaves for the rest of the trip.

I'm so proud of myself for having those slaves who serve me where I travel. Make me feel  excited knowing there are slaves who are dying to be my full toilet wherever I go.

A Dutch slave is drawing my picture now, It's not finished yet.

we are going to sell the picture on my website.

don't miss it !

Another Dutch slave organised a beautiful day during the trip. He invited Tantra masseuse Kaya from Germany and I learnt tantra massage.

Tantra massage is different from BDSM. But I'm interested in  learning how to control my slave's energy with my fingers and body . I'll use this skill with my BDSM sessions.

I hope I can control your energy like in this video.

The dungeon he booked was amazing.  We could use 3 floors and there was a bed I dreamed of in one room. The bed which has a  cage underneath.

I have this desire. The desire I lock up my lowest graded slave in cage under the bed and enjoy having sex all night with beautiful man. And make the slave to clean it afterwards. Make my slave realize his position and teach him my happiness and joy is his happiness too. Enjoying exciting night like this is my dream.

Who do you want to stay inside?

I had so many great experiences this time again.

Experiences are my treasure. Thank you so much everyone!

My next European trip will be  end of May or in  June next year in Berlin and Zurich. But I'd love to visit Europe sooner than that!


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