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Don't Waste My Precious Sweat.

My foreign sub gifted me 2 types of latex underwear for my birthday. They took a long time to arrive to me.

Do you know that when I wear latex outfits, I always sweat a lot? I always think that my subs wouldn't want to waste a single drop of my sweat.   I was thinking of some ways to force them to drink all of my sweat,  then I found these panties.

The panties have a storage area to keep my pee and subs can suck my pee from the hose which is attached to the panties. It means I can also gather my precious sweat with the storage as well. I’ve already ordered other natural color latex outfits which suit for the panties. I can’t wait to gather my sweat and force my subs to suck from the hose.

I got another pair of underwear too. They're called “ Three Legged Bloomers.”  literally, it has a hole at the center the bloomers.  It means you can enter my sweaty, damp and wet latex bloomers and you will reach my sweaty privates inside the bloomers.  It’s fascinating, isn’t it?  

I’ve ordered other items overseas for my kinky sessions. 

I’ll show you the items when they are delivered. You are going to love them. 

Also, I'll film with them. 

Obviously they will make my sessions more fun. Do you want to try them with me? 

You can request them when you book my session.

You'd better not waste a single drop of my sweat and pee!


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