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Hi,Good boys!

Hi, My name is Youko, I’m a professional Japanese dominatrix.

I’m based in Tokyo Japan.

I’ve been in this world for 13 years.

I often appear in Japanese BDSM DVD’s.

People call me “hairy armpit goddess”.

It is common that Japanese mistress belongs to SM clubs.

However, I perform on freelance basis.

This is because I’m in love with SM.

I want to pursue the world of femdom that I imagine, without belonging to any group.

I want to have a lot of communication with you whether you are a masochist, pervert, or a fetishist to create deeper and deeper connections with you.

What I love the most is, to seduce, provoke, dominate and control you.

So I don’t think it is necessary to have extreme pain or agony in every session.

As long as you become aroused and feel yourself powerless under my domination and show your slavery, pain is not necessary.

Besides that, I love body juice fetish play, smell fetish play, face sitting and ass worship, strap-on, tease and denial, human toilet training, brown play.

I prefer dominating you only with my body, eyes, my existence, rather than using a lot of tools or toys.

I am still not good at talking English, but I’ve had a good amount of sessions with foreign submissives.

I’m learning English now.

I will be happy if you can teach me English.

I will start my English blog from now on, however the images posted will most likely be the Japanese submissives.

I will not take any pictures, during the session, without permission.

If you’d like to have your image posted in this blog, tell me. I will not show your face nor your lower region.

I am willing to share an exciting time with you.

Follow me on twitter and instagram.

If you live far from Japan and cannot serv for me, you can send a gift via Amazon.


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