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I came back to Japan.

I really enjoyed vacation in Germany and Netherlands,

now I'm back home in Japan.

Basically it was a private holiday this time

so I only had a few sessions with slaves I've already met before or people who booked me in advance.

Never been to BDSM dungeons in Europe before , it was an amazing experience. 

A few slaves contacted me wanting sessions while I was in Germany but unfortunately I didn't have enough time for them this time. I will let you guys know in advance next time I go to Europe to have some fun with local salves. Make sure you always check my blog and other SNS.

I recieved so much energy seeing beautiful buildings and  scenery which I wouldn't be able to see in Japan and I was so moved.

I've been to many fetish shops.

I wanted to buy more latex but they were all way too big for me so I ended up buying only few.

I received so much energy,  have grown a lot and back in Japan.

Now on I'll accept bookings in Tokyo as usual.

I'm so looking forward to sharing exciting time with slaves from all over the world.

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