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I came back to Tokyo from Europe.

I came back to Tokyo from my European travels. I should have written my blog earlier.

I won’t go on any travels until September. I’m accepting session bookings in Tokyo.

I really enjoyed Europe!

I appreciate the people who I met there, especially my European long-term sub.

He always comes to cities where I visit and takes me to beautiful places every time.

I found my favorite place in Paris, thanks to him. I hope I will visit there again in the near future.

I attended the German fetish ball.

I was very impressed by the kinky people at the event.

Every time I go to Europe, my fetishisms and my feeling of love for Femdom become much more intense.

I think that it is important to do what we love and to know how to develop our interests.

We can gain more knowledge by interacting with people from other parts of the world who share our enthusiasm for this lifestyle. Inspiration can come from anywhere!

My experience from traveling Europe has really broadened my horizons. I have come back to Tokyo with lots of motivation and positivity.

I will attend the German Fetish Ball next year.

I'd like to find a comfortable partner or my obedient slave who will accompany me at the event. Serve me!

Also, I had many photo and video shoots with my fetish friends in Germany.

I will upload them little by little. Stay tuned!

Actually I already miss Europe.

I’d love to visit there again this year.

Sponsor me and make my life special !

As I mentioned, I will stay in Tokyo in July and August.

I’m looking forward to sharing sensual times with you in Tokyo.


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