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I'm going to Netherlands again.

I didn't update my English blog for a while.

I enjoyed my HongKong tour very much.

I had various sessions in HongKong and I had a video interview with a HongKong private mistress.

She is going to upload the video interview on her Youtube account.

I will give you guys the link when the video is uploded. (but the video has Cantonese and Japanese only.)

I will be back in HongKong next February or March.

I hope to see you again and I hope to see new kinky HongKong slaves next year.

Yesterday was my bithday.

I went to hotsprings and I stayed one night there with my slave.

I had a wonderful relaxing time because my slave served me very well.

I will enjoy my life much more this next year with my slaves.

I'm going to Amsterdam from the end of this month again.

I will attend the "Europerve" party. I'm looking forward to talking with you guys.

Please feel free to talk to me there.

Regarding possible sessions in Netherlands, unfortunately I don't have a enough time.

I will have sessions with slaves who I've already met before in Amsterdam. I’m already excited! See you soon.


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