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I Was in Munich.

I came back to Tokyo from Munich, Germany.

When I travel overseas, my schedule is usually hectic because of fetish parties, shootings, and sessions.

I chose a leisurely trip in my favorite city this time, but can you imagine my trip without kinky stuff?

As you know, I’m addicted to that.

I had a few naughty times with local subs during the trip.

I also went to a local bdsm studio. I love to experience the local bdsm scene.

There are my subs and friends of mine in Munich, so they showed me the city. 

I was able to enjoy local places, local restaurants, and nice sightseeing spots.

Especially, one local sub spoiled me a lot, as usual.

I love subs or men who know how to treat a mistress or woman very nicely. 

I have no more travel plans this year for now, but I feel like something is missing.

If you have countries or cities where you want me to visit, let me know.

If you propose a great offer to me, I could visit your country or destination of choice.


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