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My Ass Lovers.

I often meet face sitting lovers, ass worship lovers and brown shower lovers.

I’m always impressed that people who are from different countries have the same fetishism.

Even though we have different culture, different languages and different life style, they're all attracted to My Ass.

I get frequent requests for this smothering harness.

When I hold my subs under my soft ass I can feel them relax.

They always look so happy even though they can’t breath very much. They enter a state that is both extremely aroused and meditative.

One day, I was talking about the movie “ The Human Centipede” with a friend of mine.

The movie is one of my favorite movies. Have you ever watched the movie?

It's the story of a surgeon who kidnaps three tourists and joins them surgically, mouth to asshole, forming a "human centipede."

They had to live while they are forming it, it means they had to eat and excrete while their mouth and asshole are connected. When the first person took a shit, the second person had to swallow the shit. Of couse the third person as well.

I realized that I might be able to do this with my harness!

I want to fix a sub’s month on my asshole hard with the harness, and I will take a shit.

I don’t want the harness to be dirty, so I might try it with a sub who is reliable.

I’ve had such strong fantasies of that!

BTW, I bought a stool that is called "sex stool.”  I don’t use it for sex though.

I thought that If I had the stool I would be able to force my subs to worship my ass longer than usual.

Do you want to stay under the stool? Then you have to promise that you will satisfy me. You must be reliable, and well behaved. You can request the stool when you book my session.

You will be more attracted to Me and My Ass and you will never escape from me. After our session I will still be with you in your dreams.


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