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Visiting Singapore and Germany.

I'm going to be in Singapore from 25th February to 2nd March.

Also, I'm going to be there from 17th April to 21st April.

When I travel abroad, I always get a lot of messages and the same day appointments from local subs.

Please contact me well in advance if you want to meet me.

You'd better not miss the chance to serve me, life is short. You don't want to regret anything, do you?

Also, I will decide my European travel plans soon.

I'm going to Munich and Berlin in May.

If there are subs who want to meet me, get in touch.

I'm planing to have a video shoot in Germany too, if you can support me, let me know via my contact page.

BTW, I added my session review page to my English website.

Have you already checked it? If you have had a session with me and want to add your review on the page, let me know.

To close, I'm going to start selling my videos overseas soon.

I will announce the info ASAP.

I already took 4videos and I spoke English and Japanese both in 3 of 4videos.

Stay tuned!


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