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Amsterdam Travel Journal [ Part 1 ]

I'm back home safely from Netherlands. This time Japanese slave helped me to make  this trip happen. I had a  great time spending time everyday with kinkiness in Amsterdam.

There are countless of sex shops and been so many everyday but these two are my favourite. # Smart Fetish en Fantasy

# RoB

There were huge dildos and anul plugs and I wanted to buy one, but I didn't cos I was worried it'll  wexceed baggage weight which I regret now. I'd definately buy it next time.

My Japanese slave bought me a golden shower mask at Smart Fetish en Fantasy.

Who will use the mask the first?

I also bought a dildo mask, black big dildo for my stap on, few whips , an L size chastity cage, latex dresses , latex pussy underwear, and a bunch of lingeries . It's hard to find what I want in Japan but there are so many in Amsterdam and I really enjoyed shopping over there!

It's still very difficult to find size small latex there but easy to find sexy ligeries I love and always end up buying so many.

I also attended fetish party called Europerv. It was very exciting for me to be able to see the real fetish scenes in  Europe.

I expected many crazy people there cos of the  image of Amsterdam but there were so many kinky fetishists who takes it very seriously and it was amazing!

I love true kinky slaves who have beautiful heart as a person,  even they are covered with my brown,I truly love him if I see him beautiful as a human. 

I don't need any slaves who doesn't have a beautiful soul. I will no longer see the Japanese slave who travelled with me this time.


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