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My Video and My Birthday.

My new bdsm video is now on sale. 

You can't buy the DVD overseas but you can buy a version of the video to download from this link below.

They have English subtitles but I'm not sure it works correctly. 

The most exciting parts of the video are double bull whips, take a walk with a smother Harness, fist and foot fuck, fuck with huge strap-on and forcing to eat brown.

Buy it to support me and worship me!

By the way, my birthday is on the 21st September.

Do you want to be my favorite slave? Do you want me to give you spetial attention?

Then, make me happy and  put a smile on my face.

I have an amazon wish list but it's only for Japanese, so you can gift me my favorite brands' gift vouchers with Email.

Check this page and render your loyalty to me.


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