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Kinky days

I did many photo shoots and video shoots last week.

Will be able to upload new image video at the end of this month!

Stay tuned !

And of course I'm enjoying some kinky plays everyday. 

I have news today.

News 1.

I made a photo gallery page on this website,check it out!

and I will update many new photos soon.

News 2.

I have spots available for session from 5th - 8th of April in Osaka. Only valid in Umeda. Contact me with booking form for a session.

News 3.

I will be on vacation from 14th March till 21st.

Also  22nd April till May 12th in Europe. 

I'll charge my energy to spread energy to my slaves.

and I'll learn English in Europe a lot.

So book me while I'm Tokyo boys.

And don't book me in short notice , not in the same day or a day before !


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