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Next,I’m going to Munich.

I came back to Japan from Singapore and HongKong.

Thank you so much to my subs who served me there.

It was my first time to visit Singapore. I was surprised that there are many subs. Furthermore, they love my videos and my session style.

I felt really happy because my passion of femdom reached overseas.

I will visit there during this year again and I'll let you all know my travel plans when I decide it. Stay tuned!

Regarding to HongKong, I was very worried about their situation but I didn't have any problems, luckily.

I know very violent protests still happen there. I really hope they will get the best result and everyone will finally be happy.

I'll stay in Japan for a while, and then I'm going to Munich, Germany from 11th October.

If you want to meet me there, contact me.

I often get offers for sessions at the last minute and I don't want you to miss the chance, so contact me well in advance.

I was in Berlin in May but I decided to go to Germany again because I love the country!  I can't wait to go there! 


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