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Prison Walk.

I've uploaded my new short video. The video was taken in Berlin during the German Fetish Ball.

Here is the story of the video.

A male prisoner was chosen and forced to be a human horse by prison officer Youko.

Youko always chooses her favorite prisoner from the prison to be her plaything.   

 The horse is taken to the quiet courtyard of the prison to be humiliated.

There were many prisoners who stared at the prison officer and the human horse but they were jealous.

Actually this prison is famous for being a “ Femdom Prison” . There are many female prison officers who force very hard labor on male prisoners and use them for their pleasure.

The prison officers don’t care about prisoners’ term of penal imprisonment at all , they just over-work them until they are satisfied.

The Human horse which was drawn by prison officer Youko, doesn’t know how much he will be tortured by her after the walk but what he does know is that it will be both agony and ecstasy for him under her control.

According to rumors, most of the inmates who are detained in the Femdom prison, beg the officers to keep them in captivity even though they are told that their terms of penal imprisonment are over.

Nobody knows that the human horse’s prison sentence has already been served, but he is still drawn by prison guard officer Youko.

These males have learned that women are their superiors and a life of servitude awaits them.


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